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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


There They Go Again: Prostitutes and Islam

Ad for a House of Prostitution riles Muslims

The report from BBC starkly exemplifies the hypocrisy of the Muslims. "A Cologne brothel touting for clients with a World Cup-themed banner has blacked out the flags of Iran and Saudi Arabia after threats from Muslims." What does the protest mean...that Muslims don't patronize prostitutes? That is absurd.
Back in the 1980's a building in Bangkok,Thailand, was known as the Saudi Hotel because plane loads of Saudi Arabians went to Bangkok and stayed there to cavort with prostitutes. The wide-open sex trade in Thailand attracted people from all nations. Perhaps it still does. Friends in Mumbai (Bombay) told me about regular traffic of rich Arabs who came to Mumbai to have sex with prostitutes.

Then, the nature of the protest. Not a group with banners, chanting slogans. They don't believe in peaceful demonstrations.
Why the readiness for violence?

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