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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Weapons of Mass Deception and a Fitting Reward for the Commander in Chief

Casualties of War

In the first 11 days of April, 36 American soldiers have died in Iraq. The total: 2364. Taking the numbers into consideration the report that on May 29,2003, the president crowed "We have found the weapons of mass destruction" leaves no doubts as to what length the president was determined to go to justify the war. There was no evidence to support announcement of the finding of WMD and he knew it. Joby Warrick's report in the Post details the facts.
Silence of the families of soldiers is deafening.

The 15th Annual Jefferson Muzzle Award

And the winner is G.W. Bush. There can be no argument about it. The President received the recognition that was due to him for his tireless efforts to curb our rights to protect us from evil doers.

RICHMOND, Va. -Apr.11

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