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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Haditha, Iraq - The Truth, It is Ugly

Initial reports about the massacre of civilians in Haditha were disturbing. There was a sense that something horrible took place there on November 19, 2005. Now it has been officially confirmed that some members of Kilo Company, 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, went on a rampage and shot 24 Iraqi civilians, including women and children. Yes, the perpetrators must answer for what they did but trial and punishment of the offenders will not erase the shameful episode, and they will not heal the sorrow and anger of the Iraqis. Congressman John Murtha (D-Pa), who was among those who demanded a release of report of the enquiry, had mentioned attempts to coverup. Coverup at this point is no longer an issue. An editorial in the Post calls for full accountability.

TIME Magazine has the most detailed report,datelined May 28th, about the massacre. "But one morning last November, some members of Kilo Company apparently didn't attempt to distinguish between enemies and innocents. Instead, they seem to have gone on the worst rampage by U.S. service members in the Iraq war, killing as many as 24 civilians in cold blood. The details of what happened in Haditha were first disclosed in March by TIME's Tim McGirk and Aparisim Ghosh, and their reporting prompted the military to launch an inquiry into the civilian deaths. The darkest suspicions about the killings were confirmed last week, when members of Congress who were briefed on the two ongoing military investigations disclosed that at least some members of a Marine unit may soon be charged in connection with the deaths of the Iraqis--and that the charges may include murder, which carries the death penalty. "This was a small number of Marines who fired directly on civilians and killed them," said Representative John Kline, a Minnesota Republican and former Marine who was briefed two weeks ago by Marine Corps officials. "This is going to be an ugly story."


This is an example of US Terrorist Marines. This is an act of Terrorism and should be dealt with anti-terror laws.

People around the world have been shown the evilness of the US marines, who correctly represent the US nation as a whole.

These US terrorist marines are no different from Al Qaeda terrorist.
Thank you for your comments.

I disagree. All marines are not "evil". Congressman John Murtha who played a leading role in demanding full investigation and report of the massacre in Haditha, was himself a decorated war veteran---a marine---although he didn't serve in Iraq. I think the leaders (including Tony Blair) who began the war against Iraq are in a way worse than the marines involved in the killings in Haditha.
Your disagreement is little out of context. My comments merely compare the character portrayed by US of Islamic terrorists and now US terrorist marines, which allot of people around the (Muslim) world have started labelling.

I agree that not all US marines are not terrorist just like I accept the fact that not all Muslims are extremists or terrorists. But one aspect is for certain that the atrocity in Haditha is none less an act of terrorism in comparison to the crimes the terrorists have committed against the west, so why should these terrorist marines get away with it?
The marines shouldn't "get away with it". Yes, what they did was akin to an act of terrorism. But they are part of a bigger picture. A few marines being punished will not address the totally unjustified war and the ones who were responsible for sending them there. One has to assume that there were other, unreported instances when civilians were killed under questionable circumstances. One hopes that the harsh glare under which the U.S. Army has been placed in Iraq would prevent further atrocities. I wouldn't bet on it.
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