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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


On the Road to 2008: Evangelicals Looking For a Candidate

Candidates 'jonesing' for Evangelical Vote * Hillary Clinton and Iran

Interesting word, jonesing. Jacques Berlinerblau wrote in the Post:
What on earth did he mean by 'jonesing'. A query in Google provided the answer in no time at all. September 24, 2003, issue of The Word Detective contains the following:
So, the evangelicals are desperately seeking someone worthy of their support. Time is running out. Either they will have to scale down their expectation and fall behind one of the candidates or a candidate will see the light and be all things to the evangelicals. Such things have happened.

Clinton Reassures the Warmongers

Bomb Iran ? Hillary Clinton went on record to prove.....what ? That she has cojones or that she stands ready to cater to the dark side.

The Washington Post Oct.15, 2007

Last month, Clinton was one of 75 senators who voted for a resolution giving the president the authority to call the guards terrorists. She has characterized the vote as a way to gain leverage for U.S. negotiations with Iran, but some of her rivals, including Edwards and Sen. Barack Obama, argue it amounted to giving Bush another blank check to go to war.

Currently, she is at the head of the pack. Too bad.

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