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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Obama Disappoints

Messenger of "Change" -- What Change?

Barack Obama's recent actions make it clear that deep down he is no different from other politicians. Back in 2000, G.W. Bush's message about being a compassionate conservative won him support. Bush turned out to be anything but compassionate and it took a long time for people to see him for what he is. Barack Obama's promise of "change" resonated with voters. He sounded sincere....different. The primary reason for many of us to back Obama was his position on the war in Iraq and Hillary Clinton's lack of clarity on various issues. Four months before the election Obama is proving that when it comes to flipping and flopping he can be as adept as Hillary Clinton and John McCain.

For this voter the Obama glitter is fading. Didn't expect him to fulfill all his promises if he became president. The president is a part of the system that prevails, and the system is far from ideal. It was late president Calvin Coolidge who reportedly said "The business of America is business". No matter who is in the White House, the major corporations and their lobbyists have tremendous influence in enacting legislations which affect ordinary Americans. It is disappointing to watch the Senator from Illinois quickly backing off from his earlier positions. One gets the feeling that the status quo will basically remain unchanged.

Obama let his supporters down by:

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