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Saturday, October 25, 2008


God of the Republicans


Has He Forsaken Them ? * Sexual Politics

The Bible thumpers are in panic. Suzanne Goldenberg of the Guardian reported on October 21st about her visit to Colorado Springs, CO.
A sorry lot with tunnel vision. Their America -- the Judeo-Christian America is changing and there is nothing they can do about it. We are truly in a melting pot. This America is for Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, tree worshippers, and....for Muslims. This America is for the devout and for atheists; it is for straights and for homosexuals; it is for the whites and for people of color -- black, brown, yellow.

"Fasting and prayer", that is real desperation. How many of them will actually follow Pastor Holt's call for fasting is open to questions. But one can rest assured that they are praying. The Pentecostals are good in praying against satanic influence. To them Obama is a representative of satan. Sarah Palin has already gone through a blessing to protect her from witchcraft. John McCain might benefit from one. One gets the feeling that Republicans have been deserted by the god they claimed to have on their side. Makes me think of Mel Calman's cartoon (see below).

© Mel Calman - My God

An Angry Old Man and His Sidekick

Kathleen Parker of the Washington Post, not a lefty columnist by any standard, has written about a taboo subject. Did her sexuality have anything do with the selection of Sarah Palin for the vice presidential slot by John McCain ? Parker's column in the Post makes no bones about it. If the author was a man the reaction would have been loud and strong. When you see all the banners/buttons that mention "hot chick" at her campaign stops, you can't help wondering if Ms Parker's column has some truth in it.

Before the waves from reports about the Palin family's shopping spree subsided, news about her high paid traveling hair dresser/makeover artist became public. McCain campaign issued a statement that her clothes would be donated or auctioned for charity. Some kicking and screaming is inevitable. The Republicans still don't have a feel for the real world of working people. McCain's pet Joe the Plumber is too busy enjoying the media's attention to say anything about this. $150,000 would have been enough for him to get started on owning a plumbing business.

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