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Friday, October 10, 2008


McCain-Palin In A Malicious Gyre

"Bigotry is the sacred disease" - Heraclitus 535-475 BC * Autumn Morning

Forget about the high road. As the countdown to November 4th inexorably draws closer, desperation of the McCain-Palin team becomes evident. Both of them out to demonstrate how to butcher truth and serve red meat to howling mobs. Race, color, threat of terrorism -- they are going for broke. Reportedly devout Christians both, do they ever pause to think WWJD ?

This election will prove whether American voters can be manipulated by lies or are able to base their decisions on real issues facing us and the world. These are troubled times.

The Youth Vote

By all accounts the the number of newly registered voters is huge. Majority of young voters are supportive of Obama. They can make a difference.

Crisp, bright autumn morning with a hint of chill in the air. Makes you think of sweaters and hot soup.

Listening to: Le Voyage De Sahar (ECM Records)

Anouar Brahem - oud
Francois Couturier - piano
Jean-Louis Matinier - accordion


Morning chill fades plants,
Autumn cycles in for its

ephemeral stop.

--Ginny Loeffler, Lone Tree


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