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Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Spring Wild Flowers - San Francisco Peninsula


Russian Ridge

The  display at Russian Ridge is not spectacular as it has been on some years but it is always a pleasure to walk on the trails.  Looking east, one can see the Stanford Campus and, beyond that, Moffet Field and the east bay. To the west, the rolling hills, Rapley Ranch and the small pond adjacent to it.  

Buttercups and Checker Mallows

© Musafir

Blue Lupines
© Musafir

 Red Maids
© Musafir
Mule's Ear

© Musafir

 Johnny Jump Ups
© Musafir

Looking east, Stanford Campus
© Musafir

Looking west, Rapley Ranch
© Musafir

California Poppy
© Musafir

The poppy flowers;
how calmly 
They fall.
-- Etsujin (translated by R.H. Blyth)


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