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Friday, June 25, 2010


In Pakistan, the Mullahs Rule

 Religious Extremism and Islam

There they go again. The Islamic state of Pakistan's latest action to prevent "blasphemy"!

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan will start monitoring seven major websites, including Google, Yahoo and Amazon, for sacrilegious content, while blocking 17 other, lesser-known sites it deems offensive to Muslims, an official said Friday.

"....deems offensive to Muslims". My Iraqi friend would say Ya Habibi. The hypocrisy of the Muslims is staggering. Are they blind or deaf, or both. No wonder Pakistan lags behind as the world marches on. The west, with all its ills, does not suffer from fear about perceived insult to religious beliefs.  

For the Pakistani Government, such policies could just be diversionary tactics for a populace plagued by lack of basic needs.


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