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Sunday, May 15, 2005


There is Gold in Them Ther' Hills (In Iraq), Hoo Boy

And you don't have to dig for it

Did I hear someone say "What about the dead and wounded?" Nah. Don't pay attention to the bleeding heart liberals.

Matt Miller in The New York Times:

[Infomercial director: " 'The Republican Guide to Wartime Tax Cuts' ... Take One ... Action!"]

ANNOUNCER: In the old days, war profiteering was a grueling round-the-clock job. You actually had to make something, like planes or guns, and then overcharge the government obscenely. Now, thanks to the Republicans, countless Americans are becoming "war profiteers" in their spare time - and you can, too. Riches once thought to be the exclusive preserve of a few unsavory arms merchants have been made available to thousands of successful Americans, many of whom pull in the cash literally as they sleep!"


NYTimes-Matt Miller

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