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Thursday, June 01, 2006


Now it is "Core Values" training for Soldiers

From the same wonderful folks who gave us moral values. A sickening example of hypocrisy. It is the leaders who sent them there, not the soldiers out in combat zone who need to learn about core values. "The U.S. military investigation of how Marine commanders handled the reporting of events last November in the Iraqi town of Haditha, where troops allegedly killed 24 Iraqi civilians, will conclude that some officers gave false information to their superiors, who then failed to adequately scrutinize reports that should have caught their attention, an Army official said yesterday." "False information", duh ! Weren't we all fed a pack of lies to take us to war ?
William Arkin's post "Haditha Can't Be Blamed for a Lost War" hits the nail on the head.
David Broder's op-ed piece The Seer and the Scandals covers the very unexpected developments in the second term of G.W. Bush. In less than a year a series of set backs, both domestic and in Iraq, brought the mighty, invincible (or so it seemed) Bush juggernaut to a screeching halt. "Even as Bush and his most loyal international partner, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, met to celebrate the (partial) formation of a permanent government in Iraq, a wave of violence swept across Baghdad, taking the lives of two members of a CBS News television crew, among others. And details began leaking out about an alleged massacre last November of Iraqi civilians by U.S. Marines who were said to be retaliating for the death of one of their buddies in one of the countless roadside bombings."

Great but it remains to be seen what the Democrats can do with the opportunity that now exists to regain power. There are days when I don't feel too optimistic about their success.

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