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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


The Seasons: October 2007

October, so far, has been been mostly dry. The fires raging 400 miles south of us are due to the dryness and the Santa Ana winds. Here in the north there are areas where conditions spell fire danger and, even without the Santa Ana winds, wild fires could cause a lot of damage.

The temperature remains benign. At times it feels like summer. Common to see runners out in shorts but the leaves of gingko treets on the street make it clear that fall is here. Almost overnight they changed color from green to gold.

Gingko Trees, early Autumn

Last saturday (the 20th) was not only warm and sunny, it was crystal clear. Half Moon Bay sparkled. The pumpkin patches did booming business and cars were backed up on Highway 92 all the way to Junipero Serra Freeway seven miles away.

Riders on the beach at Half Moon Bay

Distant view of Pillar Point from south of Half Moon Bay

Yesterday, during a hike at Phleger Estate the preserve was cool and green. The creek, however, was bone dry. Phleger Estate can be reached from Skyline (Highway 35) as well as Huddert Park in Woodside. We take the Crystal Springs Trail from Raymundo Dr,Woodside, avoiding the main entrance.

Trail junction at Phleger Estate

The rains will come, leaves will start to fall and then it will begin to feel more like autumn. For those of us who forage for wild mushrooms it will be time to walk through the woods in search of chanterelles. The oyster mushrooms appear only briefly after the rains begin but in this area chanterelles can be found from November through February.

Autumn Haikus

Crisp falling leaves crunch
deliciously as joggers
pound asphalt bike trail

--Carol Nation
Source: Crisp Autumn Haiku

Dry cheerful cricket
chirping, keeps the autumn gay ...
contemptuous of frost


Hello Musifer,

I am the photographer at the Half Moon Bay Review. I am interested in doing a photo essay on local folks who forage for wild mushrooms and came across your blog post. I would love to talk with you about it! Please contact me at the Review if you get this comment. leighann@hmbreview.com

Best Wishes,

Leigh Ann
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